The Cinderella Mentorship Program was created to empower and equip all young girls to have a better quality of life, to give them hope and vision for their future.  We are dedicated to providing support and instruction in the areas of development such as social skills, personal financial security, and instilling Christian values.  Our aim is to build a foundation within them of self-esteem, a love for learning and respect, which will impact their lives to become servants of influence within their communities.

We invite you to meet us, become a mentor, or support our mission.  Our children need our support for a better tomorrow.

Our volunteer mentors are dedicated to providing age-appropriate activities that intro-duce and strengthen academ-ic, personal and social skills.
In addition to reinforcing the basics of education, we offer mentees a range of creative opportunities as allowed by community, state and individual donations.
We strive to include enriching activities that extend the girls knowledge and understanding of the world outside their local communities. 
Our mission is to empower female youth to make positive life choices, based on Christian values, that will enable them to maximize their personal, spiritual and professional future.
I believe that we owe our young people the best future possible. Therefore, we here at the Cinderella Program strive to make a difference in the lives of young girls, and keep before us the fact that they need our support.
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​"Creating A Better Future For All  Girls"
Welcome to 

The Cinderella Program
Welcome to 

The Cinderella Program